Green Landscaping and Lawn Care Solutions

Environmentally Efficient Propane Mowing Equipment - Greatscapes

As our environment’s needs continue to transform, so do we. Our green property management practices are our commitment to protecting the environment. We are motivated to continually search for new ways to maximize our efficiency and reduce our carbon footprint. Our efficient and effective practices not only lower our carbon footprint but, also reduce cost to the client. We integrate the following practices to deliver a service that is not only environmentally conscious but budget friendly.

  • Organic Fertilizers - Emphasis on strengthening turf as a primary combatant to weed population
  • Native Plant Installation - reduces water usage
  • Propane Mowers - reduces carbon emissions
  • State-of-the-art Snow Removal Equipment - reduces the amount of equipment and operation time of equipment during snow removal operations
  • State-of-the-art Deicing Equipment - to ensure that only the necessary amount of deicers are utilized to combat slipping hazards and that application of product is efficient and effective
  • GPS Mapping - of work routes to lessen carbon footprint